Aloe Vera Softgel Capsule
Product Name: Aloe Vera Softgel Capsule
Brand Name: BOAN
Part Number: sl0023
Fill Weight: 500mg
Main Ingredient: Aloe vera freeze dried powder
Color: as picture show or customized
Shape: as you like
Fundction: Beauty Products
Packaging: fruit green aloe vera softgel capsule paced 1.bottle available 2.buck package
MOQ: 300000pcs
Product details

 Aloe is rich in aloe polysaccharides(aloverose), protein, organic acid, amino acid, microelements and many other active components. It is endowed with the efficiency to boost human immunity, recuperate bowels, remove specks for beauty, resist oxidation, maintain moisture, diminish inflammation, reduce blood fat and sugar, nourish liver and so on. In addition, it is a kind of advanced industrial materials widely used in the manufacturing of food, cosmetics, health articles, drugs, sanitary accessories, etc.



Product Specification

Product Name

             aloe vera softgel capsule

Capsule Size



100% pure and natural



   Adviced Dosage

2 pcs/time,2 times/day

Shelf Life

36 Months


30,000 pieces


              20,000 pieces/carton

       Lead time

Shipped within 2days after payment confirmed


 Main function:



1.Detoxification,relaxing bowel & SkinCare;



2.Neutralize melanin,Whitening skin,keep the moisture & elasticity;



3.Promote wound healing,espcially burn or scald;



4.Treating constipation,prevent gastrointestinal diseases;



5.Restore liver function;



6.Reduce blood lipid & blood pressure,prevent diabetes;



7.Regulate endocrine,balance metabolism & Lose weight.

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