Health Food Supplements chitosan capsule
Product Name: Health Food Supplements chitosan capsule
Brand Name: boan health
Part Number: sl000063
Fill Weight: 300mg/capsule
Main Ingredient: chitosan
Color: white
Shape: oblong
Fundction: absorb internal cholesterol and fat
Packaging: in bulk or customized
MOQ: 300000pcs
Product details

 Chitosan Capsule




Specification: 300mg/capsule


Directions: one time daily, take 2 capsules before meal.


Health function:

1, absorb internal cholesterol and fat, to promote transformation of cholesterol and fat, lowver cholesterol and loss weight

2, to prevent liver disease, control formulation of cancer cell toxin and transformation of cancer cell, raise immune system function

3, with the function of anti-acid, to promote restoration of gastritis.


Availability: overweight people, high blood fat people.


Well balance nutrition:

1, chitin capsule+vitamin E, strengthen adsorption fat,

1, chitin capsule+B complex vitamin tablet, spirulina tablet: more effective in eliminate inflammation, anti-cancer

2, chitin capsule+smoothing capsule, balsam pear capsule: more effective in loss weight.


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