beta carotene softgel
Product Name: beta carotene softgel
Brand Name: boan health
Part Number: SL00051
Fill Weight: 0.5g /softgel
Main Ingredient: bate-carotene, soybean oil, beeswax, gelatin, glycerin, water
Color: yellow,red,or customized
Shape: oral
Fundction: Supply the bate-carotene,antioxidant
Packaging: bulk or as you want
MOQ: 300000pcs
Product details


[Product name] bate-Carotene Softgels
[Ingredient] bate-carotene, soybean oil, beeswax, gelatin, glycerin, water
[Efficiency ingredient and content] Every softgel contains: bate-carotene  2.0mg
[Health care function] Supply the bate-carotene,antioxidant,promoting eye health,enhance resistance,preventing cancer,cataract and cardiovascular disease,improving  sperm activity and respiratory functions
[Suitable group]   The one who needbate-carotene supplement
[Unsuitable group]   none
[Dosage]   1 softgel each time, 1 time per day
[specification]    0.5g /softgel
[Period of validity]    24 months
[Storage]   Seal, keep in cool and dry place
[Administer standard]    Q/WZK 0045S
[Food sanitary license No.]   Lu wei shi zheng zi (2007) No. 370000-000372


Attention: This product can’t instead of medicine

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