Natural 1000mg CLA Softgel for Slim or Wieght Loss from Safflower
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What is CLA?

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a type of essential fatty acid. Now, before you run for the hills at the word “fat”, you should know that not all fats are bad. An essential fat means that the body needs to have this fat to function properly. The body can produce certain fats on its own, but essential fats have to come through the diet.

In broad terms, there are two main types of essential fats — omega 3 and omega 6. CLA is a subcategory of the omega 6 essential fatty acids — a linoleic polyunsaturated fatty acid. 

The word conjugated refers to the arrangement of its single and double bonds (this helps determine the type of fat). CLA is also a naturally occurring trans-fat, which is a type of unsaturated fat. Unlike the processed man-made version of trans-fats, it is thought to have health benefits associated with it.

How does CLA work, what does it do & what are the benefits?

1. CLA for weight loss and metabolic rate.

Some have theorised that CLA can change body composition and facilitate weight loss by altering the metabolism. 

CLA is thought to help the body break down and burn more fat cells, as well as prevent excess fat storage. What’s seen in reality is that this process seems to happen mainly to the fat cells stored inside muscle tissue. 

It’s important to note that fat cells inside the muscle don’t seem to affect body fat levels, as this is determined more by subcutaneous fat (fat between the skin and the muscle.) CLA interacts with this process on a cellular level. 7 

Most of CLA’s effects on weight loss and changes in metabolism have only been observed in cells (in a test tube) or in animal studies. 

These promising results are yet to be seen in most human studies, with weight loss and changes in metabolism being minimal so far.7 

2. Enhanced muscle growth

More research needs to be carried out to show that CLA positively impacts lean muscle mass in humans. There’s some science showing potential in animal test subjects, though, which is promising.6

3. CLA and immune function

There have been several studies to date that look at what CLA does for the immune system — so far, the results have been highly variable. 

When looking at how to make a conclusion based on the science available, a good place to start is to look at what the majority of the studies show. Is there a general trend, and if so, is it in favour of an effect or not? 


The studies on CLA and its effect on the immune system doesn’t seem to show a particularly strong trend as to whether it has a distinct positive effect on the immune system.


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