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Guangzhou Boan Health Product Co.,ltd is specializing in manufacturing and exporting of private label health food,dietary supplement,herbs and nutritionalsupplements in softgel hard capsule and tablet.Over 10 years experiences,we have exported our products to all over the world and enjoyed good reputation.

The production capacity can be up to 2.5 billion pcs each year.All of our products are produced under GMP standard facilities with our experienced staff in superior quality.Our role is to assureproducts of superior quality and to develop a varied range of products to meet consumers needs.

We warmly welcome customers to contact us for more details.We are sincerely looking forward to cooperating with you.

-- Our products are produced under GMP standard facilities with our experienced work staff. We provide best service in term of quality and competitive price.


-- Now we have 10 production lines of Softgel and Tablets and over 50 moulds to
supply for our customers. And the production capacity can be up to 2.5 billion pcs each year. We are sincerely waiting for your inquiry.


-- As always, we will remain best quality and prices for you to contribute for the society in which we work and grow to create a healthy environment. Let‘s connect your health with Nature.


Our product range as follow:


amino acid softgel, aloe vera softgel , apple cider vinegar softgel , beta carotene softgel, bee propolis softgel, bilberry extract softgel, bitter melon extract softgel, black currant seed oil softgel, borage oli softgel, bovine colostrum tablet, calcium tablet, chitin softgel , chitosan capsule, CLA softgel, cod liver oil softgel, coenzyme Q10 softgel, cranberry softgel, curcumin softgel, DMG softgel, Echinacea softgel, evening primrose oil softgel, flax seed oil softgel, folic acid softgel, garic oil softgel, ginkgo biloba tablet, ginseng extract softgel, glucosamine plus tablet, grape seed extract softgel, green tea extract softgel, hawthorn softgel, L-carnitine softgel, lecithin softgel, liquid calcium softgel, lutein softgel, lycopene softgel, melatonin softgel, milk thistle softgel, multivitamin softgel, multivitamin tablet, natural vitamin E softgel, omega 3-6-9softgel, oolong tea extract softgel, perilla seed oil softgel, probiotics softgel, pueraria p.e. softgel, pumpkin seed oil softgel, royal jelly softgel, saw palmetto softgel, sheep placenta softgel, spirulina tablet, squalene softgel, st.john’s wort softgel, taurine softgel, tribulus terrestris capsule, vitamin A & D softgel, vitamin C softgel, walnut oil softgel, wheat germ oil softgel, wolfberry fruit softgel, albumen powder-- amino acid albumen powder, natto kinase, natto softgel, astaxanthin softgel, dissolved health food, oral liquid health supplements

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